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Manifest Media Group is a Public Relations & Branding company that focuses on the synergy between your personal brand and business. Create Your World with efficiency and balance for life successes. 

We provide unique vivid experiences and solutions for your vision & brand

With over 10 years of PR & Branding experience, we deliver the results you need in order to shine across all media platforms.

Our Philosophy

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Your brand starts with a unique vision! We analyze, design and execute strategic plans to showcase your brand the right way and reach your target audience!

Erin N. Daniels & Natasha Henderson
Manifest Media Group Founders

Our Specialty 

MM adapts! In every project, we consult and provide strategic creative storytelling. Our MM Chameleons produce high-quality communications and media that make an impact to share your message with the world. 

 MM starts with consulting, guiding you and your brand to execute your vision. By effectively developing your brand, understanding your needs, capabilities and position, you can clearly move forward. We also help clients identify events, connections and organizations that would help reach their desired audiences and more.

Strategy is the name of the game! Do you have the right tools to move ahead? We can guide your business at any stage with strategic brand communication, research and planning to ensure effective assets. MM has a critical eye and ensure that your brands' message will stand above the rest! 

You eat with your eyes first, even when reading. With fresh, clear branding and a solid brand message your designs and communications will capture your audience. We offer press releases, websites, press kits, presentations, tools and trainging for you and your team to share your brands' vision!

We help you Create Your World and tell your story through Public Relations, Brand & Campaign Management, Social Media Management, Photography, Web & UI Planning, Front End Design and Video Production.

Personalized Experience

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Whatever your discipline, we know your story needs to be told! We assess where you are, where you wish to go with your business and customize a tailored path for your success. Everyone's needs are different because success means something different to all. We focus on balance and harmony between work and life, because manifesting your dreams should include your personal happiness as well.

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