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Through Creative Direction, Planning and Self-guided Media, we give you the tools to manifest your dreams and Create Your World™! We are a remote agency that specializes in digital products to help your life work for you through your design. Our products help you organize and manage your life while manifesting media.

Are you in the Arts or Entertainment Industry and not interested in do-it-yourself or employee training work on a unique project with MM - the services listed below are contingent upon agency approval, proposal acceptance, retainer contract, and deposit. As projects vary from brand to brand, we cannot provide a pricing list. Please see our services below, and contact us to discuss your project.



We help clients identify unique event opportunities that reach their desired audiences, negotiate sponsorships and provide Donor, and Executive Board planning; event management, member boxes, sponsorship decks, and travel planning.

Exhibits and Event Planning

In close partnership with the client, we can provide ways to build awareness of the occasion, as well as demonstrate a commitment to the client’s target audience. We can provide planning and preparation for special events such as art exhibitions, open houses, grand openings/ribbon cuttings, launch parties, executive board retreats, and speaking engagements. Creativity is our thing! As chameleons, we do it all and love a bit of flair.

media planning




Strategic Brand Communication

A strategic plan is imperative to creating a road map for your communication efforts. At MM, we help you speak with one voice and understand the “big picture” through various public relations, advertising, or marketing tools. Our strategic planning process includes: developing goals, identifying issues, identifying key publics/audiences, developing key messages, evaluating results, and creating a plan of action to reach internal, community, and media audiences.


A concise message is essential for client’s marketing materials to reach their full potential. We can help clients develop key messages and materials that are compelling, relevant, and consistent. We also can proofread products for grammar, readability, and Associated Press style.

When the -ish hits the fan copywriting and editing become crucial for crisis management. We can also plan a crisis plan allowing clients to stay on message while avoiding pitfalls associated with miscommunication. Our strategies can include: situational assessment, goals/outcomes, identifying issues, identifying key publics/audiences, developing key messages, creating a plan of action to reach internal audiences, community, and media outlets, and evaluation of results post-crisis.

Research & Market Evaluation

We can provide clients business a great deal of information during a focus group session. We can identify the client’s objectives, develop questions, plan/schedule the session and ground rules, facilitate/observe the session, and evaluate the results for you.



Branding & Design Services

Companies can waste money each year on ill-advised placements due to poor planning, and this prevents a product or service from reaching their target market. We can work with clients on selling ideas or products, or positioning the client as a leader in their industry. We can do this by building a brand while speaking with one voice, developing economies of scale in the creative process, and maximizing the effectiveness of where & how you place your brand. We can also provide clients with creative designs that match and enhance their brand, including: logos, digital, print, web, template, newsletters, spatial design, UI design, brand manuals, vehicle wraps, postcards, fliers, subscription inserts, or Internet banner ads, ect.

Training for Brand CHAMELEONS ON Media, Presentations & Public Speaking

We can train clients how to expertly handle requests from the media, as well as how to control the interview and stay “on message.” We also train clients on social media trends and tricks to activate their social media. Allow us to plan, visualize, and execute training for an important briefing and presentations to any audience. We can guide and prepare clients to be successful presenters and public speakers. We do this by helping client outline, write and edit content while enhancing your engagement with products, brochures, audio/visual content, and multimedia.




Public & Media Relations

We can work directly with those responsible for the editorial (news and features), public service, and sponsored programming products of mass media (print, radio, television, and social media). We help foster client’s relationships and trust with journalists locally, nationally, and internationally. Our services include: writing/disseminating press releases to targeted media lists, pitching stories, press conferences, handling media queries, coordinating press tours, creating press kits, and working with trade publications.

Social Media Management

We can make the client’s message creative and mobile with consistent content. We also manage personal two-way interaction between clients and customers and facilitate calls to action. Finally, we can position the client as an industry leader by converting the client’s understanding of relationship dynamics formed through social media into a tool that supports a long-lasting partnership between you and your target audience.​

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