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Erin N. Daniels

CEO, Brand Manager

Erin N. Daniels (Nikki) is a dedicated and enthusiastic learner and loves to make others shine bright. She holds a Master’s in Advertising & Branded Media from the Academy of Art University.

This led Nikki to become somewhat CDO (j/k OCD) planner, consultant, trainer/teacher, and designer. Her passions all stem from her love for studying art techniques and aesthetics it has been a constant throughout her life; attending programs such as YA/YA (New Orleans' Young Aspirations/Young Artists) and attending DASH (Miami’s Design & Architecture Senior High). Later graduating with honors in 2011 from Florida Atlantic University as a Bachelor of Fine Arts dual graduate in both the field of Graphic Design and Photography and on further to complete her Master's Degree.

Nikki has worked for County Government and Nikkistarted her company, End to End Studios (E2E) in 2011. As the CEO she honed her skills as a Program Manager, Visual Designer & Branding Consultant. Her extensive knowledge of branding, design, media management, production, campaigns, event planning, composing press releases, developing press kits, and online event production led her to Manifest Media Group.

Unique Fact: Nikki is working on releasing her first art series entitled, "The Gift"

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